NIBCO® Press System Installation: Important Things You Need To Do


We all love shortcuts, right? While NIBCO Press System installations are an easier, safer alternative to soldering, there are still very important...

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Find the Right NIBCO® Fittings for Your Next Project


NIBCO has a full range of fittings to meet your application's needs. Find plumbing fittings for industrial, commercial, mechanical, fire...

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The 2017 NIBCO Plumbing Institute Expands Trainings


This year the NIBCO Plumbing Institute expanded, offering two types of schools: the Valve School and Copper Joinery School. At these informative...

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Entire NIBCO® Press System® Now Available on CAD/BIM eCatalog

BIM models for the entire NIBCO Press System line of valves and fittings are now available on our online CAD/BIM eCatalog. With BIM models...
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The NIBCO® Import Press Ball Valve Makes Installation Easier

NIBCO ®  Import Press Ball Valves ½" to 4" are now available for sale. This compact design is easily installable in tight spaces, and features a...
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How Extended Press Adapters Can Streamline Your Installation Process


NIBCO is proud to introduce the newest members of the Press System® family: Press Extended Adapters. These new Press adapters are longer than the...

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Ask Our Plumbing Experts: Installing NIBCO® Press Fittings in Cold Weather


 Recently, NIBCO was asked whether or not 2" and 3" press fittings can be crimped in temperatures as low as 10°F. 

The short answer? Yes, they...

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The FLO-BOSS Line of Balancing Valves: Press Ends



The new NIBCO® FLO-BOSS line of balancing valves now includes factory assembled Press ends, giving you a safer, faster alternative to...

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The NIBCO® Advantage: Press Fittings and Valves vs. Solder Installation


 As you learned in Press Fittings and Valves vs. Solder Installation,  there's are many concerns with soldering on jobsites. How often have you...

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Press Fittings and Valves vs. Solder Installation Information


There's no doubt that solder installation is an art, however it also causes many concerns. How often have you suffered from noxious fumes on a...

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