4 Critical Steps for Successful NIBCO® Press System Installation

Written by NIBCO INC. 2022-02-16

NIBCO Press System Installation

We all love shortcuts, right? While NIBCO Press System installations are an easier, safer alternative to soldering, there are still very important steps that need to take place during installation which shouldn't be skipped. Keep reading to find out more about important things you really should do for each of your press installations.

Always Make Sure You Have a Square Cut

Wheel cutters are the best way to ensure a square cut so your pipe seats directly into the fitting.

Always Debur the Tube Thoroughly Inside and Out

If the tube is not thoroughly deburred, you run the risk of damaging or cutting the EPDM seal which will cause leakage.

Always Measure and Mark Tube Insertion Depth

Shallow insertion into the fitting will prevent a proper seal and/or a less secure joint. Always make sure you can see the mark AFTER inserting the tube into the fitting immediately adjacent to the end of the fitting. Measuring and marking will allow for dry fitting the system with visual cues to note proper insertion before crimping joints. This allows for correction due to pipe movement.

Always Verify that the Crimp is Correct by Inspecting the Witness Mark and the Measurement Mark

Align the jaw with the contour of the fitting and let the tool go through the full crimp cycle. Verify that the crimp is correct by inspecting the witness mark and the measurement mark.

For more information on the NIBCO Press System, visit our website at www.nibco.com/press.

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