The NIBCO® Advantage: Sure Seal® High Performance Butterfly Valves

Written by Ashley Petersen 2017-02-17


NIBCO Sure Seal Double Offset high performance butterfly valves

NIBCO offers a comprehensive selection of high performance butterfly valves for industrial and commercial applications that are available in a broad range of materials, sizes, and pressures. The parts are machined and manufactured in house with modern advanced computer controlled machining centers to assure the highest standards in the industry, and every valve is tested to 110 percent of its full pressure rating as standard.

NIBCO Sure Seal Double Offset high performance butterfly valves


Featured Benefits:

  • Direct mount actuation
  • Live loaded adjustable packing
  • Uninterrupted gasket surface (consult factory for additional materials)
  • Consult factory for spiral wound gasket
  • Bi-directional service
  • Bubble-tight sealing
  • One piece through shaft
  • Welded disc pins
  • Integrally cast disc stop
  • Blow-out proof stem



NIBCO Sure Seal Double Offset high performance butterfly valves

Design Details:

The NIBCO Sure Seal High Performance Butterfly Valve is a double eccentric (double offset butterfly valve) design. This design minimizes torque and increases valve service life by decreasing seat to disc interference throughout the disc travel. Valves are available in wafer and lug design for ASME Class 150# (2"-30") and Class 300# (2"-24"). The valve is bi-directional by design but has a recommended flow direction which is clearly marked on the valve body.

Elasticity of the seat and fluid pressure assure perfect "bubble-tight" sealing.

Operation:NIBCO Sure Seal Double Offset high performance butterfly valves

  •  Pipe flange faces and valve faces should be cleaned of any residue and dirt.
  • Allow enough gap to ensure the valve will slip easily between flanges.
  • Center the flange gasket and valve.
  • Install valve in the closed position to prevent damage to the sealing areas.
  • Tighten all bolts to ensure a leak free seal.

The valve can be fitted with various operating devices such as lever handle, manual gear, pneumatic actuator, or Electric Actuator.

By rotating the disc counter-clockwise to open or clockwise to close, the flow inside the pipeline can be regulated or shutoff - whichever is desired.

Sure Seal valves will exceed your application expectations and, like all NIBCO products, guarantee superior quality, performance, and service. For more information on our Sure Seal High Performance Butterfly valves download the complete catalog for free today!

Download the complete Sure Seal  High Performance Butterfly  Valves brochure now!

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