NIBCO CAD and BIM eCatalog Makes Design, Fabrication and Engineering Easy and Accurate

Written by John Jambor 2016-10-04

 “Driving Customer Productivity”

Discover, select and download the right product data directly into your projects from our CAD and BIM product database. Our dynamically generated database makes it easy for you to find complete details and performance characteristics you need to create high-quality models that work.

With more than 25 formats, including AutoCAD, Revit and CADmep, you can find the 2/D-3/D CAD model to download and insert directly into your project.  

Our product database includes:

  • Complete product details and performance characteristics, including high-fidelity images
  • More than 150 product families with over 1,300 SKUs
  • Light-weight BIM models that give you the right information in the smallest file package
  • 3-D viewer for rotatable perspectives 

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