Inventory Management Series: Electronic Data Interchange

Written by Ashley Petersen 2017-01-04

VMI-EDI-LogoConcepts_EDI.pngElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a program to help process orders quickly and more accurately, saving you time and money. Your order is electronically processed at any time of the day or night, with no human intervention. This means improved accuracy and speed of transactions, fewer errors, and substantial savings.

1. How It Works

By enrolling into EDI, transactions which are normally sent via PDF or through snail mail will be replaced by electronically sent documents.

2. Applicable Documents

Common transactions replaced by EDI include, but are not limited to:

  • 850 – Purchase Order
  • 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 856 – Advance Ship Notice
  • 810 – Invoice

3. The NIBCO Advantage

Transferring to Electronic Data Interchange with NIBCO provides you with a focused and dedicated team eager to create an interactive partnership. With NIBCO, you are a priority and we are committed to making transactions faster and easier. Partnering with NIBCO gives you numerous benefits, including:

  • A company that is a leader in the industry with in-house transactions
  • The ability to leverage growing and new technology
  • A program that is continuously improving to stay ahead of competitor programs
  • Reduced cost for order processing
  • A company who works with you to customize your program based on your business needs through a collaborative partnership

Want to learn more? Download the Electronic Data Interchange brochure at no cost now:

Download the EDI Brochure  Now!


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