Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT): Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Ashley Petersen 2017-08-03

polyethylene raised temperature (pert)

PE-RT is the next step in flexible tubing, offering many benefits than other products. Keep reading for frequently asked questions about PE-RT tubing.


What is PE-RT?

PE-RT = Polyethylene Raised Temperature. Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), PE-RT is designed for raised temperature applications. 

What is PE-RT for?

  • Potable water
  • Radiant heating with oxygen barrier layer

Where did it come from?

Resin made by DOW Chemical which has been popular in Europe for decades.

How do you join it?

The dimensions of the tubing are the same as PEX, enabling the use of the same fittings, joiners, and tools.

Is it easy to install?

PE-RT is more flexible!

Is it approved?

PE-RT is approved in all model plumbing codes as of 2015, but not adopted everywhere yet.

How does it compare in performance to PEX?

  • Equivalent ASTM standards
  • PE-RT is even stronger, bursts at higher pressure levels than PEX

How does it compare pricewise to PEX?

PE-RT is more economical.

Is it green?

PE-RT is 100% recyclable, uses less energy to make, and has a smaller carbon footprint.

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