The NIBCO® Advantage: Press Fittings and Valves vs. Solder Installation

Written by Ashley Petersen 2016-09-13

 As you learned in Press Fittings and Valves vs. Solder Installation,  there's are many concerns with soldering on jobsites. How often have you suffered from noxious fumes on a jobsite? Has time-intensive soldering work delayed schedules or caused cost overruns? Have you been concerned about potential fire hazards or work safety and the additional costs that come along with those concerns?

Now, you can alleviate those challenges with the push of a button. Learn how the NIBCO® Press System® can help you safely install a complete, high-quality system in less time than with traditional soldering methods.

Here's a list of some of the features you could be taking advantage of while using NIBCO press:

1. Quality

The quality of press products is important. Here are some quality features the NIBCO Press System can offer you:

  • Having a manufacturing facility in Stuarts Draft, Virginia results in fast and Press fittings and valves vs solder installationsuperior service.
  •   NIBCO uses 99.9% globally sourced pure virgin copper.
  • Our fittings go through a rigorous quality control process that ensures an O-ring is lubricated inserted, inspected, and bagged to meet all codes and standards.

2. Design

The NIBCO Press System design is unique because:

  • Our snug-fit design easily allows for one-person assembly, which helps you Press fittings and valves vs solder installationprefab a system before starting the first crimp. The result - straight runs with a professional look.
  • The specially engineered O-ring provides a leak path for detection during either air or water tests through the exclusive notch design that pushes the notches up when uncrimped, creating the leak path. After being crimped, the O-ring is uniformly compressed to create a leak-free seal in seconds.
  • Superior large diameter design provides a 360 degree crimp and keeps piping runs straight: there is no deflection.
  • The large diameter fittings are significantly lighter weight.
  • All fittings are designed with an inboard bead that helps protect the seal from damage.
  • There is a consistent design between large and small diameter press ends.

3. Experience and Warranty

NIBCO is an experienced flow control provider with a manufacturing history that spans over 110 years and is committed to giving you the best installation experience possible. When every detail matters, choose NIBCO:

  • As the inventor of cast and copper fittings, NIBCO is an expert in copper joinery.Press fittings and valves vs solder installation
  • NIBCO carries extensive product categories, providing fittings, valves, and tools all in one place, as well as an extensive product line of valves: ball, butterfly, gate, globe, check, angle, and strainers.
  • NIBCO stands by its commitment to quality with a 5 year limited warranty on press valves and 50 years on press fittings so you can feel comfortable and secure in your purchase.

The NIBCO Press system is your solution that's flame-free, fast, and easy-to-install. Save time and money. IMprove the quality and work conditions on your jobsite. Stay ahead of the flow - with the Press system from NIBCO.

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