Do It Yourself Plumbing Made Easy: How to Install NIBCO Push-to-Connect Fittings

Written by Ashley Petersen 2016-07-21

Plumbing system repairs and remodeling projects require a lot of time and money - not to mention the vast amount of tools required for soldering, crimping, and joining materials. There is, however, another option: Whether it is repairing a plumbing system or completing a plumbing remodeling project, you can easily take care of it faster and more cost effectively with NIBCO® Push-to-Connect fittings.NIBCO Push-to-connect fittings offer an easy-to-use and fast solution for any potable water repair or remodeling project using copper, PEX, or CPVC tubing.

With a small and lightweight design, NIBCO Push-to-Connect fittings make it easier to install in tight spaces with no solder, crimping, joining material, or special tools needed. They are the easier, faster, and smarter choice.

How do they work? I'm glad you asked. Follow these simple steps to install NIBCO Push-to-Connect fittings!


Step 1: Turn your water off using the main shut-off valve and gather your supplies...

Tools you need may include the following:Do It Yourself Plumbing made easy

  • a clean, undamaged tube
  • tube cutter or fine toothed saw
  • file or deburring tool
  • a permanent marker
  • for PEX tubing: a PEX stiffener
  • a clean rag
  • Push fitting


Step 2: Select a clean, undamaged tube and cut to the desired length using a tube cutter or fine-toothed saw…

  • Be sure to cut the tube end square. Do It Yourself Plumbing made easy
  • All sharp edges should be removed. For copper and CPVC use your file or deburring tool to smooth out the edges.
  • Inspect the tube and clean any shavings, dirt, oil, or grease from the tube end using your rag.




Step 3: Mark your tube with a permanent marker to indicate the proper tube insertion depth...

  • Use the depth insertion guide found on the back of youDo it yourself plumbing made easyr packaging, or on 
  • Mark your tube with a permanent marker, so you know the proper insertion depth of your NIBCO Push-to-Connect fitting.




Step 4: Insert the tube into the fitting...

Do it yourself plumbing made easy

  • For PEX tubing, make sure to insert a PEX stiffener into the tube before inserting the tube onto the fitting so it doesn't bend after installation.
  • Insert the tube into the fitting using a twisting motion
  • Make sure the tube is fully inserted into the fitting by checking that the depth mark is adjacent to the release collar.



Step 5: Wrapping Up...

  • That's it! It really is that easy!

Now you have seen first-hand how simple your next install for any potable water repair or remodeling project can be! What's more, our Push-to-Connect fittings also come with the NIBCO advantage and are backed by a 25-year warranty. Want more information? Download "The Essential Push-to-Connect Quick Reference Guide" now for free!

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