Do It Yourself Plumbing Made Easy: How to Install a Water Heater with NIBCO Flexible Push Connectors

Written by Ashley Petersen 2016-07-27

The prospect of installing a water heater yourself can be intimidating, but NIBCO Flexible Push connectors ensure a fast and easy option with no solder, crimping, joining material, or special tools needed. Just push connecting tubing into valve, connector, or fitting until it stops. The interlocking design creates a secure connection, and the removal tool easily disconnects any joint - installing up to 95% faster than traditional joining methods. NIBCO Push-to-Connect flexible products are ideal for water heater installations, creating a secure, leak-proof connection you can count on. Follow these instructions to successfully install NIBCO Flexible Push connectors to your water heater.

Step 1: Getting StartedDo it yourself plumbing made easy

  • Before installing Flexible Push connectors, follow your water heater manufacturer's instructions until you are ready to connect the water line.
  • Remember: the main water valve, gas, and/or electric supply should be disconnected and shut off.

Step 2: Attach hose to nipple and mark tubeDo it yourself plumbing made easy

  • Tighten the threaded end of the Flexible Push connector to the water heater nipple (Water heater nipples may not be included with your water heater).
  • Using the flexible hose, determine where to cut the copper water line.
  • Mark the tube at least 2” below the push fitting end on the copper tube.



Step 3: Cut tubeDo it yourself plumbing made easy

  • Using your measurement, cut the copper tube water lines square using a tube cutter or fine-toothed saw.
  • Water may drain out.
  • Deburr the tube inside and out using a half-round file or deburring tool to remove sharp edges, and clean the tube end to remove all dirt, oil and grease.
  • If you are using PEX tubing, you will need to use a PEX stiffener.

Step 4: Insert tubeDo it yourself plumbing made easy

  • Mark the tube to indicate the proper tube insertion depth. (Insert to a depth of 7/8” for 1/2” nominal pipe or 1” for a ¾” nominal pipe.)
  • Connect the push fitting end of the Flexible Push connector to the clean, undamaged pipe using a twisting motion. Be sure not to straighten too tight or kink Flexible Push Connector hose.

Step 5: Wrapping UpDo it yourself plumbing made easy

  • Make sure the tube and fitting are securely connected by checking that the depth mark meets the release collar.
  • Repeat the process for the second Flexible Push connector.
  • That's all there is to it!

Congratulations on installing your water heater with NIBCO Flexible Push connectors! As you can see, NIBCO Push-to-Connect fittings, valves, and connectors are incredibly easy to use, helping you save time, making installations simple, and backed by a 25-year warranty from a company you can trust. Want more information? Download "The Essential Push-to-Connect Quick Reference Guide" now for free!

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